Ingredients 18 mini tarts

5040 gr 70% dark chocolate mousse

1290 g milk

256 g glucose

886 g egg yolks

14 g food-grade gelatine

140 g water

1446 g heavy cream

1446 g 70% dark chocolate

2500 g 40% milk chocolate and wild fennel cream

690 g milk

690 g heavy cream

138 g glucose

20 g wild fennel 

18 g food-grade gelatine

180 g water

730 g 40% milk chocolate

277 g egg yolks

2195 g chocolate sponge cake

525 g egg whites

540 g white sugar

540 g egg yolks

105 g starch

240 g 70 dark chocolate

240 g butter

150 g flour

3000 g cocoa gel

150 g still mineral water

640 g white sugar 

140 g inverted sugar syrup

700 g heavy cream

44 g food-grade gelatine

440 g water

220 g cocoa powder

800 g neutral glaze

1250 g crust

80 g cocoa butter

88 g 40% milk chocolate

88 g 35% white chocolate

625 g hazelnut paste

200 g hazelnut nibs

225 g eclat d’or

25 g wild fennel

Credits: Nicola Bianculli


Make the fennel cream; let rest 15 minutes, bringing it to room temperature. While cooling, make the fennel crust and freeze. Drizzle the fennel cream on the fennel crust and on the dark chocolate sponge cake in 12-diameter pastry rings and freeze. Make the dark chocolate mousse. Pour about 120 g of mousse into 14-diameter pastry rings; add the sponge cake with the frozen fennel cream; pour in another 120 g of dark chocolate mousse. Close with the fennel cream and frozen crust. Flash freeze. The dessert should be eaten at a temperature of 3 to 5°C, in a time span of 6 to 7 hours.