Pecorino water

50 g Pecorino peel

50 g Water

mint oil

40 g Extra virgin olive oil

fresh mint, 1 bunch


40 g Fresh peas

40 g Fava beans

40 g Purple sprouting broccoli

Zucchini ribbons

1 Zucchini


2 Artichokes

garlic, 1 clove

rosemary, 1 bunch

thyme, 1 bunch

Fried agretti

agretti, 1 bunch

extra virgin olive oil

Lettuce sauce

lettuce, 1 head




50 g Guanciale

Red wine gel and dressing

50 g Red wine


pecorino water

guanciale oil

Lettuce heart

lettuce hearts

Crispy guanciale

50 g Guanciale

Dish Garnishing

spontaneous herbs

Credits: Janez Puksic


Pecorino water
Cut the pecorino peel into pieces and place in a vacuum bag with water. Close and bring to a temperature of 80 ºC for 4 hours. Cool and filter through.

Mint oil

Blanch the mint for a few minutes, immediately cool in water and ice, remove from the ice and blend it with the extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt to obtain a fluid and homogeneous oil.


Blanch the vegetables, quickly pass them in water and ice and keep them aside.

When serving, heat the vegetables in a pan with the pecorino water.

Zucchini ribbons

Reduce, with the help of a "mandoline slicer“, the zucchini into ribbons and season with extra virgin olive oil.


Clean the artichokes, leaf through the hard outer parts and remove the "beard" inside.

Bake in a vacuum bag with oil, a clove of garlic, thyme, rosemary and salt for 40 minutes in a steam oven.

Cut one part into wedges and season with mint oil. With the help of a mixer, reduce the remaining part of the artichokes into puree by adding some of the cooking water.

Once the puree is ready, taste and, if necessary, adjust the taste with oil and salt.

Fried Agretti

Clean the agretti and fry them in extra virgin olive oil at 170 ºC.

Once fried, put them in the dryer until use.

Lettuce sauce
Wash and cut lettuce taking care to keep the hearts aside. Then put it in a centrifuge and, once the juice is obtained, season with salt and cold tie with the gelespessa.

Cut the guanciale into julienne slices, sauté in a pan and set aside the liquid.

Red wine gel and dressing

Blend the alcohol from the red wine and add the previously obtained guanciale oil and pecorino water.

Add the kuzu and heat in a saucepan.

Lettuce hearts

Season the lettuce hearts with the red wine dressing.


Dish preparation

Place the artichoke cream on the plate and add the artichoke slices.

Next, lay the seasoned lettuce and vegetables on top. Add a few points of mint oil and sprinkle with the crunchy guanciale.

Finish the dish with the agretti, the lettuce sauce, the seasonal herbs and, when serving, sprinkle with the lettuce sauce.