1kg type 1 flour

47% Water

1% brewer's yeast


300 g type 2 flour

200 g type 1 flour

200 g wholemeal flour

150 g rye

150 g whole spelled

1% malt

20% biga

77% water

2.4% salt

2% extra virgin olive oil

7% roasted mixed seeds

3% toasted wheat germ


milk cream



savory custard

kataifi dough

tuna sauce

pink roast beef

fried caper

tropea onion marinated in raspberry vinegar


The idea of creating the Aroma pizza was born from the desire to revisit one of the most famous and well-known dishes of Roman cuisine: spaghetti alla carbonara.

Revisiting can mean taking a cue, being inspired or leaving a trace that evokes the memory of a dish. To make it a gourmet pizza, the recipe calls for a dough with cereals and seeds, which involves the use of a biga. The biga gives the dough a more decisive aromatic bouquet, better maturation and leavening. After mixing the biga with type 0 flour, type 1 flour, type 2 flour, all enriched with spelled, rye and malt, salt and oil and finally previously toasted seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower, chia, poppy). The dough, after resting for about an hour, is broken up and weighed. Balls of 240 g each are formed. Prepare the savory custard for the topping by bringing the milk and cream to the boil, add them to the yolk and cornstarch with the help of a whisk. Bring back to the boil and finally add the Grana Padano, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. The topping of the pizza includes a base of fiordilatte in cooking to which is added the buffalo diluted separately, previously cut into triangles so as to season each slice of pizza equally. Once out of the oven, the pizza is sliced in 8 and topped with: crispy strips of bacon and salted custard. To complete the topping we have the memory of spaghetti, a nest of kataifi pasta cooked at low temperature.

The smoked oil, obtained from the combustion of the beech is the final surprise that creates an indissoluble link between the dough rich in fibers and made characteristic by the roasting of the seeds and the creaminess, flavor and balance of the filling