200g “0” flour

100g water

2 g compressed (beer) yeast


900 g type “1” flour

100g wholemeal flour

the whole chariot

750 g water* at 25°C

4 g compressed (beer) yeast

24 g salt

5 g malt (or honey)


60 g of zucchini cream

8 slices of aubergines

60 g of snow peas

8 slices of piccadilly seasoned tomato



Combine the ingredients in the mixer and mix for a few minutes. The chariot must be a loose dough. Let the biga rest in a previously greased container for 16-18 hours at a temperature of 18-20°C.


Put the flour, the malt, the biga, 600-650 g of water and the crumbled yeast into the mixer and start mixing on first speed; once the gluten has formed, add the salt and the remaining water slowly and mix on second speed until a smooth dough is obtained and homogeneous.

Let the mass rest for 20 minutes and then divide the dough into 8 pieces of about 260 g each, then form the balls taking care to close them well on the bottom. Put them back in one plastic tray until doubled (about 6-8 hours) at a temperature of 24°C and then proceed with spreading on a previously greased aluminum pan of about 18-20 cm in diameter. Bake in the oven at 260°C for 5 minutes. Once the dough is out of the oven, let it cool. Regenerate the dough in the oven at 260°C for 4 minutes and proceed with the filling.


Prepare the courgette cream by blanching the cleaned courgettes in plenty of salted water and then pass them through the hand blender with extra virgin olive oil.

Cook the aubergines and snow peas and cut the piccadilly tomato seasoning it with oil, salt and oregano.

Heat the pizza in the oven at 250° for 2/3 minutes, cut it into eight slices and dress it with the hot zucchini cream and the vegetables on each slice.